Why should we use Rent a car abroad

By : Raya Ivanova


If we are planning a trip abroad and would like to go sightseeing more than one country, renting a car stands out as a perfect version. Rent a car gives us the freedom and flexibility to travel with our own pace, visit places hard or impossible to reach by public transport and enjoy the landscapes along the road. Here are some of the advantages of renting a car should we go to another country:

  • We could save money for transport costs. Depending on the destination and the route, it could be cheaper than using trains, buses or flights in-between the countries. Additionally, we could avoid paying for taxis or transfers to and from airports or stations. This is in greater effect especially if we travel in the company of our relatives, family, colleagues and friends.
  • Huge choice and versatile classes of vehicles. Irrespective of whether we need a small vehicle for driving in town, spacious SUV for family trip or bus for group excursions we could find a rent a model that fits our needs and budget. Additionally, we could choose functions like GPS, automatic speeds and child seat for our comfort and convenience.
  • We could easily cross borders. Within Europe, usually we could drive our rent a car in different European state from the one where we took it. It is important to ask what kind of documents we would need to cross the border.
  • We would be able to feel more entertainment and adventures. Renting a car allows us to discover hidden treasures, destinations off the beaten track and local culture we would otherwise have missed. Also, we could stop every time we want, make roundabouts or change our plans in view of the situation. This contributes for more memorable and pleasant trip.

Renting a car for trip to another country could be a useful experience if we plan in advance and adhere to the traffic rules. In Green Rent a Car we have great versatility of SUV, tourist cars and microbuses of the Toyota make at rent in Bulgaria. Most of the fleet consists of hybrid vehicles focused on sustainability and emission decrease. Cars are of the latest models and are well-maintained for high safety and satisfaction. The company has offices throughout the country, including at the airports in Sofia, Bourgas and Varna. During our next trip abroad, we could enjoy accessible and reliable rent a cars.

What are the advantages

When travelling to another country, renting a car could be perfect service thanks to which we could get to know new places and enjoy more flexibility and freedom in our trip. Some of the advantages in renting a car for cross-border trip include:

  • We could save money for flights, trains or buses, especially if we are travelling together with a group or family.
  • We could avoid the inconvenience of registering baggage, waiting at queues or coping with delayed and cancelled flights.
  • We could choose our route on our own and stop whenever and wherever we like.
  • We could get access to remote destinations or ones off the beaten track that may not be well-serviced by the public transport.
  • We could get to know different cultures, landscapes and cuisines on our way.
  • We could enjoy more solitude and comfort compared to the crowdy bus or train.
  • We could enjoy the thrill of driving along the picturesque roads and highways.
  • We could take advantage of the special offers and discounts offered by Green Rent a Car.
  • We could be calmer with the comprehensive insurance coverage and the road assistance provided by the rent a car company.

Renting a vehicle in order to get to another country could be an incredible adventure but it also requires certain degree of planning and preparation. It is a good idea to make sure we have checked the rules and provisions of each and every state we intend visiting, for example driving license requirements, road fees, stickers, standards for harmful emissions and road traffic acts. Thanks to these pieces of advice, we would enjoy a safe and problem-free cross-border trip by rent a car.

Do we need special documents?

If we would like to rent the car we are dreaming of from Green Rent a Car we would need some documents to carry with us. These include:

  • Driving license, held for at least three years, which is valid. Renters of shorter experience pay the surplus "Young driver” 15 €/day and double the deposit.
  • Credit card on our name that could be approved in advance for deposit.
  • Voucher (if such is available).

These documents are required by law and according to the policy of Green Rent a Car. They would help ensure our safety and security while driving the company vehicles. Checking whether we have them with us while accepting the vehicle is of key importance.

What are the requirements? 

When renting a car from Green Rent a Car, we need to satisfy some basic requirements. These are:

  • We need to inform the company if we intend using some of its vehicles abroad.
  • By car of Green Rent a Car, we could go out in some of the following countries: Serbia/Greece/Macedonia/Romania.
  • We need to hold international driving license if our driving license is not Bulgarian or was not issued by a EU member-state.
  • We need to have credit card on our account in order to make booking and pay for the rent. This is necessary in the possible case of vehicle damage or non-return.
  • We need to have the necessary vehicle insurance that is usually included in the rental price. We could choose the additional coverage options for added piece of mind.
  • We need to adhere to the limitations set by the rental agreement. We are not allowed to smoke inside the vehicle or get in a third country without an additional agreement. The responsibility for all fines or fees payable for violating the traffic or parking rules is borne by the renter.

If we satisfy these requirements, we could enjoy a smooth and problem-free experience when renting from Green Rent a Car. The fleet consists of wide range of vehicles Toyota - from compact vehicles to SUV and buses, all of them with hybrid technology and low emissions. The vehicles are new, well-maintained and equipped with modern functions. Book your car now and discover the beauty of Bulgaria together with Green Rent a Car!

How to book online from greenrentacar.bg?

We could book vehicle on the spot, in company office, as well as send an inquiry to company's official website - greenrentacar.bg. Should we have questions, we could consider the column "Frequently asked questions“, send an inquiry to reservations@greenrentacar.bg, use the contact form or call the client service centre at +359 700 700 22. Booking is especially easy and fast. We need to like a car, time and location. At the next steps we choose the extras desired by us. If we would like to travel abroad, of course, we need to choose the option "Travel abroad". The last step is booking reservation, deposit payment and order finalization. 

Booking a vehicle at greenrentacar.bg takes couple of minutes and is the only thing that sets us apart of a unique experience in Bulgaria as well as abroad.

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