Additional extras

Child seat (9 - 18 kg)

4.50 € / day - 40.00 € max.

The child seat provides comfortable and safe travel for younger children. They are designed for ages between 8 months and 4 years (from 9 to 18 kg.). Safety is achieved with a 5-point belt, which can be adjusted only through one point.

WiFi router

5.00 € / day 

Fast 3G internet in the car, everywhere on the roads of Bulgaria. The wireless Wi Fi router is light, cordless and compact. Supports laptops, smartphones and tablets.


5.00 € / day - 80.00 € max.

Toyota's navigation system offers full coverage with maps of Europe, related services such as Auto-navigation, Google Street View, Google Search, Coyote, which warn the driver about cameras on the road, free parking spaces, gas stations and fuel prices, weather information, Aha and Twitter, speed warning, base with POI, text-to-speech, 3D maps, voice control, Wi Fi antenna.

Additional driver

2.50 € / day - 50.00 € max.

When renting a car, an additional driver can be any person with a valid driver's license, aged 23 years. An additional fee is charged for registering an additional driver, according to our General Terms and Conditions.

Booster (15-36KG)

2.50 € / day - 30.00 € max.

The soft seat of the additional Booster provides comfortable and safe travel for older children - 3 years and older (from 18 to 36 kg).

Travel abroad

от 70.00 € / one-time

Traveling by rental car outside the country is easy and fully accessible. For trouble-free movement across the borders, you receive a Power of Attorney to drive the rented car with insurance valid for the territory of the pre-declared countries.

Prepaid fuel

110.00 € max. / one-time

The rental car is delivered with a full tank, and the prepaid fuel option allows you to return it empty. This saves time and money without worrying about charging on drop-off.


30.00 € / one-time

When planning to drive in winter conditions, adding this option to the rental car allows for trouble-free travel, regardless of the destination. Tire chains are a great solution for improving the car's traction on snow and ice.

Priority rent

30 € max. / one-time

A fast, secure and reliable way to reserve a car that saves you waiting in advance to rent it. With VIP Priority rent our Clients receive the rental car on the spot - at a pre-determined time and place of delivery.

Personal driver

70.00 € / day

Hiring a personal driver ensures maximum use of your time while traveling. The professional drivers of offer transport solutions tailored to the needs of our Clients. They determine the number of trips and destinations for which they hire their personal driver. Fuel is not included in the price, and for each overtime hour, Clients pay 10.00 € per hour.