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Rental cars

For any journey.

For any driver.

Driving a Toyota Hybrid is even easier than any driver expects. Our range of vehicles provides the perfect rental car for all our Clients' plans.

Whether you're looking for a luxury limousine designed to impress while driving, a compact jewel for urban conditions, a reliable SUV for family travel, a powerful pickup designed for any terrain or the perfect van that thinks comprehensively.

Who are we?

Green Rent A Car is a company specialising in new, mostly hybrid vehicle rentals. At the moment, our fleet is composed of TOYOTA and LEXUS global brands, distinguished by their design, innovation and hybrid technologies.

Focused on the future and the environment, our hybrids emit up to 1/3 less Co2 emissions. With minimal air pollution, they are the preferred driving choice across Europe today, and for the next few years.

Nowadays more and more people take advantage of the Rent a Car services thanks to the offered various advantages and convenience when travelling particular distances. Nevertheless, when it is suitable to use rent-a-car and how to make the best choice considering your needs? How to rent vehicles from Green Rent a Car and why should you trust us?

Why should we choose rent-a-car

Many Bulgarians have a driving license and know how to drive a car, yet they do not have their own due to numerous reasons: regular technical maintenance, change of consumables and purchase of various spare parts. We should bear the costs for vignette, insurances, third party liability etc. In order to cut these costs and not to lose their time, some people use the Rent a Car services.

Others take advantage of the service when they have to take business trips and need to be driving a well-looking vehicle. In order to have one-time meetings, one-time visits and if in need of more luxurious vehicle, Rent a Car vehicles are excellent solution.

Festive seasons are another period of actively using the "Rent a car" services. This is during proms. Then everyone wants to show off with more beautiful and luxurious vehicle, which he or she could easily and rapidly rent and use for a day or more. Wedding celebrations are another reason for using Rent a Car and hiring luxurious vehicle, by which the newlyweds could move around as well as carry the guests.

What are the advantages

The use of rent-a-cars provides you with the opportunity to be driving a different vehicle every day and decide on your own its class, comfort level and engine power. You could make your choice in view of vehicle's appearance so that it suits your preferences and character. The Rent a Car service allows you not to be dependent on urban transport and not to bother with technical service. You do not have to take care after vehicle's fitness and pay taxes.

The use of rent-a-cars allows you to be driving a cost effective car for work or walk with your family, yet be riding a luxurious vehicle for your business meetings. Furthermore, you get additional options, such as an opportunity for baby/child seat, ceiling luggage rack, navigation that excludes the need of additional purchase.

When using Rent a Car you get a washed and fully technically fit vehicle, at your disposal within the agreed timeframe, according to the agreement. Our vehicles are delivered with full tank, so that you do not have to bother about fuel shortage.

How to choose the right vehicle

In order to enjoy the trip and use of rent-a-cars, you need to know the criteria for accurate use, so that the vehicle fits your needs. Here are several aspects you could take into consideration when deciding on the choice of vehicle:

  • Type of compartment - the main factor that impacts your needs. Should you need a representative Rent a Car vehicle, Sedan is the most suitable. When it comes to family trips and big company, hatchback or combi are the better choice. In view of mountainous trips – SUV or Pickup Rent-a-cars are excellent solution, whereas crossover could be perceived as the universal choice;

  • Appearance - especially important on weddings, proms, birthdays and official events. Usually, the Rent a Car vehicles are maintained in excellent condition and irrespective of the purpose they are being used for, they are of immaculate appearance;

  • Model and manufacturer – good option is to pay attention to the make and model of the vehicle. In "Green Rent a Car", we offer a variety of opportunities among which you could choose, namely new hybrids and luxurious vehicles of the makes Toyota and Lexus;

  • Salon condition - after you have decided on the exterior, you need to peek into the interior. It ought to offer convenience and comfort during travel. It is desirable to have armrests, coffee cup holders, GPS navigation rest etc.;

  • Tyres condition - pay attention on whether the grapple matches the season and whether the depth of protector channels is sufficient. Are they pumped up or soft?

Another thing of great importance when using rent-a-cars is to define the necessary seats inside the salon, the gearbox type (manual or automatic), the fuel (gasoline or diesel) etc. To this end, online at Greenrentacar.bg there are special filters for easily selecting the necessary options and outlining the rent-a-cars that match your desires.

How to rent

Rent a Car through the website Greenrentacar.bg is very easy. The only thing you need to do is visit the "Fleet" and choose the vehicle category in view of your preferences. After you make your selection, you would see the accessible proposals. When you make particular choice, you would get a page with summary including extras and the sum due and payable for seven-days' rental. Meanwhile, together with your choice, of rent-a-cars, additional options are available such as Wi-Fi, GPS, child seat etc. When you are done with the selection, in the lower part you would see the total payment price.

The next step when using Rent a Car is to enter information such as name and surname, email, telephone etc. Then comes the choice of the payment method. You could choose between the payment of 100% of the full sum or effect partial prepayment and additional payment on the spot. After you complete the procedure of renting Rent a Car, our colleagues would contact you on the phone.

Why should you trust Greenrentacar.bg

We offer mainly new, luxurious and hybrid rent-a-cars of the makes Toyota and Lexus that are outstanding thanks to their high quality, excellent comfort and smooth operation. You could take advantage of the service Rent a Car throughout Bulgaria and at its airports.

Our rent-a-cars are based mainly on hybrid technologies. This provides flexibility while on the road and using the innovative and successful solutions of the vehicle sector. In addition to convenience and comfort, you enjoy a luxurious vehicle that would represent you in due manner wherever you go. Should you need more information about the "rent--a-car" service, get in touch with our collaborator at telephone number provided online.

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