Whether you're looking for a luxury limousine designed to impress while driving, a compact jewel for urban conditions, a reliable SUV for family travel, a powerful pickup designed for any terrain or the perfect van that thinks comprehensively.

Who are we?

Green Rent A Car is a company specialising in new, mostly hybrid vehicle rentals. At the moment, our fleet is composed of  TOYOTA and LEXUS, global brands, distinguished by their design, innovation and hybrid technologies.

Focused on the future and the environment, our hybrids emit up to 1/3 less Co2 emissions. With minimal air pollution, they are the preferred driving choice across Europe today, and for the next few years.


Operating throughout Bulgaria, the presentation of rental cars from our fleet is possible to anywhere in the country by prior request.

Providing free delivery up to 40 km within the area of Sofia and Burgas.