How то get a rental car?

By : Raya Ivanova

The biggest advantage of a rental car is the freedom it gives us. Especially when we travel to more remote places with interesting sights we want to visit. Mountain restaurants with stunning views, beautiful waterfalls or stretches of sea, having a rental car will bring us complete freedom in this adventure of ours. Traveling with a group of strangers on a bus or other public transport will limit our ability to see interesting sights because there is a strict route that must be followed. When we choose a rental car, we can stop at any time to enjoy any view we want. Also, we may set our own route or change our plan at the last minute.

How то get a rental car?

Before signing the rental agreement, it is recommended that we first review it carefully and if we have any questions, ask and discuss them with the agent. If we have not paid online, we will have to pay on the spot when picking up the car from the selected location, not when returning it. We need to provide the reservation number as well as our driver's license and credit card. We check the vehicle carefully before leaving the parking lot. We make sure that the windows work properly, or that there are no loose parts, lights that don't work, leaks, or anything that could be considered a malfunction. We want to make sure that any scratches, dents or problems are documented so that we are not responsible for them when we return the car.

How much does it cost?

Prices in this area are quite floating. They are determined according to the season and the workload of the company. It is recommended to check how much we will pay for the rental car, this can be done online. This quick check will make our choice much easier. Nowadays, price checking is very fast and affordable. It is done through the websites of car rental agencies. We compare rates and the most basic cars they offer. This way, we will find the perfect deal for our location and the period of time we will need a rental for. However, let's not fall for the lowest offer, because it often means hidden fees and conditions that would ruin our travel plans and cost us much more. In order to guarantee a trouble-free trip and save ourselves trouble, it is better to turn to an innovative, flexible and leading car rental company such as

How to choose the right car?

If we're going on a family holiday, there's no point in hiring a two-seater convertible – as much as we're tempted to drop the kids off at the airport after a stressful flight, of course we're kidding! Let's make sure that our rental car has enough seats for everyone who will travel in it. Leaving luggage visible on the back seats is also not a good idea as it can attract thieves and cause trouble. For this reason, it is good to think about how much luggage space we will need. If the reservation is made online, the website clearly states how local the car is and how many suitcases will fit in the car.

While the idea of hitting the open road with a V8 petrol engine is undoubtedly very tempting, we may not want to spend most of our budget on fuel. So, when choosing a car, it is more reasonable to estimate the distance we will travel and go for an economical and more compact car.

We also need to think about the car's transmission. If we are used to driving an automatic transmission, it is definitely not appropriate to rent a manual.

After choosing the right car for the purpose of our trip, we can also look at the additional extras that are offered. We will find a variety of features at Green Rent A Car that will make our journey even more practical. For example, we might include a GPS system or child car seats. These additions can be taken into account while going through the online booking process. Different car models have different options, so we need to keep that in mind when choosing a car size and model.

For what purposes is it taken?

Renting a car allows us to go on our adventures at our own pace. This service gives us a full dose of comfort during the journey, because we can turn up the radio and sing along with it, talk to each other in a loud voice, or just relax and be comfortable. Also, when looking for a rental car, we can make a choice of vehicle depending on what specific goal we have. Whether we are traveling with the whole family and need a bigger car, or we need a van as part of our business plan, we can count on to choose from a wide range of cars for all our purposes.

The earlier we specify the dates and purposes of our trip, the more we will be able to rent a car with profit. There are basic things to think about before our departure. For example, do we plan to pick up the car immediately after landing at the airport. It's definitely worth looking into booking a flight and car rental together. This can often save us money.

If we are traveling abroad, let's not forget to inform the car rental company. It depends on the country we are visiting, but we may need insurance or other documents.

Why should we trust

Our company is completely modern and flexible. The main objective of Green Rent A Car is customer satisfaction in driving brand new Toyota brand cars which are also mostly hybrids. Our company's website is dynamic and booking a rental car happens very quickly. If we do not want to leave our personal data on the Internet, we can reserve a car on site at the offices or by phone. The Green Rent A Car team, besides being responsive and always smiling, is made up of professionals who will give us advice if we have any doubts before renting a car.

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