Why choose a hybrid rental car?

By : Raya Ivanova

Why choose a cybrid cental car?

There are many benefits to choosing a hybrid rental car. Hybrids are popular for many reasons, one of which is that they can save us money on gas. In general, rental hybrids get twenty percent better mileage than regular cars. Spending less and getting more is always a great compromise, especially when it comes to our family vacation budget. Alternative fuel sources such as electricity significantly reduce the cost of travel, providing us with a rental car that is an affordable and efficient form of transportation. 

They are also highly preferred by those who like to drive compact vehicles as most of the hybrid cars are nimble and easy to drive. Of course, in the first place, as a reason why we would choose this type of car, we would point to the environmental impact of hybrids. Conventional rental cars are notorious for releasing harmful gases and exhaust gases into the air, including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Green hybrids are designed to minimize this air pollution. Instead of relying on gasoline, hybrid rental vehicles rely on electric or alternative fuel sources. They revert to internal combustion engines only when the main source is exhausted. Whether it's buying or renting a car, the transition to greener mobility is starting to gain more and more importance, so hybrid cars are leading the way in the preferences of those who want to choose a greener car.

What are the advantages?

Low fuel consumption - in hybrid cars, the internal combustion engine always works with the help of the electric motor. As the electric motor always has the maximum torque available when activated, this means that the internal combustion engine will almost never be under load, reducing the amount of fuel used.

Better performance - as mentioned, the electric motor in hybrid cars has all the available torque when activated. This makes the power to be maximum as soon as we start and accelerate the car. Also, the car is much more dynamic and the mood while driving is elevated.

Less pollution - according to statistics, a hybrid family rental car emits about 75 grams of CO2 per every kilometer driven. This value is half the CO2 emitted by a diesel-powered family car, which emits 150 grams per kilometer driven. When we drive a hybrid car, we know that we contribute to reducing the harmful emissions caused by mobility. In this way, the planet thanks us!

Greater stability - a car that uses only one internal combustion engine has a relatively high center of gravity, which means that the car does not maintain its full balance when cornering. Hybrids, on the other hand, have engines located at strategic points on the car to improve weight distribution and lower the center of gravity. We have more stability without neglecting performance.

They provide greater comfort - many people know that both hybrid and electric vehicles are much quieter than internal combustion cars. This leads to more comfort for passengers. Of course, let's not forget that from July 2019 all cars are required to emit a sound to alert us to their presence on public roads when traveling below 20km/h.

Guaranteed access to the city center - not only in large cities, such as Sofia and Varna, traffic is heavy and parking spaces are limited. Of course, it depends on the season, but often parking in the city center turns out to be quite an adventure. Fortunately, hybrid vehicles are often compact in size, allowing us to easily maneuver and park in tighter spaces.

What models are there?

The models that we will find in the Greenrentacar.bg fleet are extremely diverse and suitable for all our travel plans. We are waiting for new, carefully selected cars for rent of the popular and well-known brand - Toyota. It's no secret that Toyota Hybrid are leaders in the creation of hybrids. It depends on the purpose of the trip, we can benefit from a compact, economical and small car, to a powerful and luxurious SUV. It is more reasonable, before we rent a car, to think about what our route will be in order to assess whether we need a smaller or a larger vehicle. If we cannot make this decision on our own, then the Green rent a car team will give us advice - which type of vehicle will best meet our expectations.

How to rent online from Greenrentacar.bg?

Renting from Green rent a car is particularly easy because the company is modern, innovative and leading in the country. We can make your reservation in two main ways. If we are planning a trip months in advance, we can quickly and easily book the desired car online. The site is built according to the latest trends and booking a car is easy because every step to confirm the reservation is clearly and thoroughly explained. On the site, we will also find the general rental conditions, as well as frequently asked questions, which will help us if there is something we do not understand. The other way we can claim a car is by going on-site at one of the offices. They are located in key locations in the country's major cities.

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