Why is it important to research the locations from which we will rent a car

By : Raya Ivanova

When the time comes to rent a car, we notice how many rental options the agency provides us. We can choose to rent directly from the counter at the airport, we can rent from an office in the city, or we can request a desired place and time when the rental car will be waiting for us. And here comes the question, which of the places to choose? Whether you've never rented a car before, or you have experience with it, choosing the right location to pick up a car can sometimes be quite difficult. In the end, the best advice is to always compare the prices of the models and find the best offer according to our needs. On the Greenrentacar.bg site, we will easily be able to complete this task, because it is very easy and affordable. Here we can make a request for a rental that will meet our needs. We can even request a car outside of working hours and to an address of our choice.

Which locations does Greenrentacar.bg offer?

The offices are located in popular sites in the major cities of the country. Let's look at the advantages of the different options for picking up a car:

Advantages of picking up a car from the airport

1. Easy handover. Of course, the first advantage is the easy pick-up of the car if we are just arriving at the airport. This is why airport locations are so popular, and perhaps why we would consider renting from there as well. If we need a rental car because we are out of town and plan to get to our destination by plane, the best option would certainly be to pick it up at the airport. This is not only easier, but also saves money on the trip from the airport to the city when you get there. One thing to consider before picking up the car is the length of the flight. Some people can feel a bit tired after a long flight and in that case it can be dangerous to drive - it's even more dangerous if we're going to a place we don't know well.

2. Safety. Depending on our destination, renting a car at the airport is much safer than relying on public transportation or a rideshare service to get around town. This is especially important if our destination is a place we have never been before. Unfortunately, there are some cases of illegal transportation at airports - and the worst: sometimes tourists do not even realize that they are at risk. Airport car pick up means we have control over the vehicle, the directions and the roads we travel on.

3. Greater choice of rental cars. In general, the rental company has larger fleets of cars at the airports, which means that the odds of finding the most suitable car are in our favor when demand is high. However, fleets may be larger, but so are the number of people looking for a rental car at airports. For this reason, to guarantee a rental car for the busy periods, our advice is to always book in advance - a few weeks is usually enough for most places.

Advantages of picking up a car from the city

1. There are offices near the hotel, shopping mall or other place we plan to visit. There are many situations where picking up in the city may be a more convenient option. In general, who said that we will only need a rental car when we are out of town? A rental car can be an option if we are traveling with friends, if we need more space than we have in our own car, and in many other situations. If this is our case, then picking up a car around an urban site may be the best for us. Very often, picking up a car from the city is more practical, since the agencies have partnership conditions with most of the hotels and commercial establishments, and also have offices in the city. If we will only need the car for part of the trip or if we prefer to take it when we have rested from the flight, then the best option will be to pick up a car near where we are.

2. We're saving for a few days when we won't need a rental car. Picking up and returning the rental car at the airport sometimes means that we will have to rent it for days when we won't need it. If we only need it for a few days of our trip and not for the entire stay, it might be cheaper to just rent it for the specific dates. However, it is important to do our calculations well because sometimes the daily price will turn out to be higher than what we would pay for a longer rental.

3. We don't have to wait in long queues. Picking up a rental car from the airport can bring us a long wait in line, and in the end it turns out that there is no car available for us. The largest airport in Bulgaria - Sofia Airport is busy all year round, and in the summer season the airports in Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas are also very busy and last minute rent can play a bad joke on us.

How far are they?

The offices are within walking distance to popular sites in the city, but still, what if I know we're going to be late?

If we know in advance that we won't be able to pick up the car on time, we can change our rental to better fit our schedule. If it's the day we're supposed to pick up the car, we might call the agency to let them know we're running late. If they know we're on our way, they may be able to hold the vehicle until we arrive. It's definitely worth trying to keep our original rental as car rent usually costs a lot more at the last minute and the agency may not have another car suitable for our trip when we arrive, especially if it's a busy location .

How to rent online?

If we are in a city where the company does not have an office, such as Ruse or Veliko Tarnovo, we can get a rental car quickly and easily online. We just have to follow the steps that the site takes us through and book the perfect rental car with which we will accumulate adventurous kilometers that we will remember for a long time.

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