Which rental car models are best for summer?

By : Raya Ivanova

Summer is a much awaited and much preferred travel season of the year. We usually start planning our summer adventures way back in the winter. With the weather warming up, it's the perfect time to hit the road and explore new places. Regardless of whether we will be traveling in Bulgaria or abroad, we will want to rent a car with everything we need to have the most fun. If we are having trouble choosing the right car, we can start by considering the terrain. Let's start to focus on the activities we want to do and move on to probably the most important part - our budget. 

What types are there?

There is a wide variety of cars. After all, what matters most is our journey and the purpose behind it. If the goal is to take your time, relax and have fun, then it's worth spending more money on a rental to get a bigger and more comfortable car. If we know the journey will be long, it's also worth renting something larger. 

A smaller car is a good idea if we won't be driving much and just want something to get us from point A to point B. It's probably a better option for us in the city environment too - as its smaller size will can help us navigate the sometimes complicated and narrow streets of the average city. Unlike a compact car, a larger one is probably a more practical option if you're heading to the countryside or some camping and taking more luggage with you. Usually, deciding which car to rent for your summer vacation comes down to choosing between two types of cars: those with standard and compact dimensions, such as sedans, and those that are larger in size, such as SUVs

Which locations are most convenient?

If we are going to a mountain retreat:

If we are planning to visit a nice rental cabin for our summer getaway, an SUV or four-wheel drive rental car are the optimal rental cars for our trip. While taking in the fresh air and enjoying the scenic surroundings, we'll need a car built for traveling across the county with all the comforts - for example, the Toyota RAV4. We won't worry if we have too much luggage. This compact SUV has plenty of interior space as well as a spacious cargo area for everything we want to take with us. Also, there is a very rich level of equipment, such as safety systems and navigation, which will be necessary for us.

If we're looking for something more sentimental:

Have we planned a cozy B&B getaway? My partner and I want to relax in style by renting an economical yet luxurious car for the weekend. We pack our bags, leave our worries at home and hit the road in a high-end car built for romance. Toyota C-HR - this small, luxury SUV allows us to have an abundance of comfort and features with all the extras and space of a larger car, making it an extremely comfortable car for long trips. If we are looking for something stylish and special, but still practical, renting this Toyota model will meet all our requirements."

If we're headed to the beach:

Beach lovers need two things when heading out on a much-needed vacation: a rental apartment with a sea view and the perfect compact rental car to travel with. It doesn't matter if we want to relax on the shore or we will be walking around nearby attractive sites. When looking for compact cars for travel, there's nothing more fun than a vacation trip in the Toyota Yaris. It is nimble and perfectly sized for the heavy traffic that forms in the summer around Varna and Burgas. At this time of the year, parking spaces are limited, but thanks to its size, we will park with ease, even in tighter spaces."

If we're doing something adventurous:

We're willing to deviate from our planned itinerary and try something a little different on our next trip, like visiting a city that's not on our plan and staying at a hostel. Unusual trips deserve unforgettable memories, and renting a crossover is the perfect helper for this. A crossover is one of the best cars we can rent for a trip full of the unexpected, giving us the comfort of a car and the extra space of an SUV. The crossover is a solid choice to take us and all our adventure gear wherever we want to go. We can count on a lot of interior space and a comfortable ride, which makes Toyota crossovers some of the most comfortable cars to travel.

If you just want to escape:

Sometimes we just want to hit the road and not worry about a bunch of details. If we're on a tight budget and prefer to keep our funds for other things, we might head to a motel and get there in a nice economy rental car. But that doesn't mean we have to give up comfort and a pinch of style while traveling. If we are looking for spacious and comfortable seats and good fuel economy when renting a car for a trip, then the Toyota Corolla is a great option. As for the interior features, we can expect all models to be equipped with Bluetooth, USB port and advanced multimedia. During the trip, we will not have to stop at a gas station too often, since the mileage is an average of 6 liters per 100 kilometers. When it comes to good commuter cars, the Corolla ticks all the boxes. The Corolla is comfortable and easy to drive, with an unobtrusive approach. However, this model offers a lot of standard features for this price. It's not the most exciting car, but if we want an easy and stress-free ride, the 2022 Corolla is one of the most reliable cars - even as a rental."

Why should we trust Greenrentacar.bg?

There are many reasons to trust the company! The rental cars in our fleet are brand new and equipped with many extras. Booking is quick and easy online. Also, the staff is very kind and competent and will always give us advice if we have a problem during the rental.

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