TOP 5 vehicles to choose a rent a car among

By : Raya Ivanova

If we are looking for reliable, environmentally friendly and convenient rent a car in Bulgaria, we got at the right place! The company Green Rent a Car offers rent a cars of the Toyota make, focused on environmental preservation. Most of the fleet is hybrid-powered which would ensure us pleasant and easy driving and guaranteed low emission level. 

Why are we to choose a hybrid vehicle

The vehicles with hybrid power offer the unique combination of internal combustion engine and electric motor. Both technologies are combined via especially elaborated planetary non-step gearbox which distributes the power and the rotating moment in optimal manner in each and every situation. Additionally, in the case of each stopping or taking off the throttle, the electric motor is being used as energy generator that gets back to the vehicle (recuperation). All these contribute for improved agility and lowered emissions and fuel costs. Toyota is a world leader at the hybrid powered vehicles market and offers the most perfect and optimized systems of this type.

Which cars are the most cost-effective

Vehicle's cost effectiveness is predefined by several factors: weight, physical dimensions, strength coefficient, type of powering, engine type, movement speed, weather conditions, driving regime (ECO, STANDARD, SPORTS etc.) and our driving style. Most of the vehicles offered by Green Rent a Car are with hybrid powering which drastically cuts our fuel costs down, especially in town. If cost effectiveness is of key significance, it is good to look for some of the smaller classes such as Aygo or Corolla.

What are the models available in

Irrespective whether we need a small city car, spacious family combi, flexible SUV or microbus type, in Green Rent a Car you could find the perfect option for you. Here are the TOP 5 best rent-a-cars in view of their features, indicators and popularity among company's clients: Corolla, RAV4, AYGO, PROACE VERSO and the new YARIS CROSS. We will learn more about each and every of them and why they are the best choice for our next trip.


Toyota Corolla is a classical model transformed for the modern epoch. The standard Corolla is offered in three carriage versions: hatchback, sports combi and sedan, whereas each of them has its own outstanding style and individuality. Corolla is equipped with improved technologies and safety functions such as digital connectedness, wireless charging and series of systems that support us and make driving safer. No matter what you need, Corolla offers something for everyone.


The hybrid Toyota RAV4 is a marvellous rental choice if we are looking for SUV, which combines output, effectiveness and flexibility. It has spacious and comfortable salon, inside which up to five passengers could travel comfortably, and huge trunk for all their belongings. It is offered with the intuitive infotainment system and is equipped with numerous standard safety functions as a warning on frontal crash, warning on leaving the lane (lane assist), adaptive cruise control and dead zone observation. RAV4 hybrid is also reliable and sturdy since it is supported by the good will and guarantee by Toyota. When we are looking for jeeps, irrespective of whether we are driving in town, or exploring nature, Toyota RAV4 hybrid would provide us with smooth, powerful and environmentally friendly driving.


Toyota AYGO is a small city car which is perfect for rent if we are looking for easy, fun and accessible way to move around. AYGO has cute and practical design, at the same time. The small turning radius supported by its compact gauges make it the perfect city car. AYGO is easy to drive and park even in the busy urban regions. AYGO has the space for five passengers and luggage space that is good considering its dimensions. The vehicle is reliable and sustainable, and is great rental choice if we want prracticality and fun at the same place.


The functional Toyota Proace Verso is a microbus that is perfect to rent if we are to carry lots of people and luggage. The spacious and comfortable salon offers sufficient space for the heads and limbs of our passengers. Additionally, we have spacious luggage area that grows while folding or removing the backseats. We get sliding back doors for easy access. The bus is easy to drive and manoeuvre, thanks to easy driving, high visibility and small turning radius. It is offered with modern safety functions that bring the confidence we would successfully make it to our goal. This is a practical and multifunctional choice that would satisfy our needs and preferences. Irrespective of whether travelling together with our family, friends or colleagues, Toyota Proace Verso would provide us with comfortable and reliable trip.


The new Toyota Yaris Cross is a small SUV, based on the hatchback Toyota Yaris, yet of sturdier and adventurous like appearance. Yaris Cross is a good rental option if we want a compact, effective and universal SUV, which copes with different terrains and meteorological conditions. Yaris Cross has spacious and practical salon that takes up to five people. The backseats could get folded or slide in order to create more space for the luggage or for the passengers. Depending on the equipment level, we could get many safety functions: adaptive cruise control (tempomat), assistant for lane tracking, system for preliminary  crash, assistant for road signs, monitor for blind spots and others. Yaris Cross is stylish, fun and practical SUV, which could satisfy all kinds of requirements, preferences and needs. Whether we are driving in town or exploring nature, Toyota Yaris Cross would provide us with comfortable and reliable trip.

These are the TOP 5 vehicle models and rental bestsellers by Green Rent a Car. All the vehicles are new, reliable, effective, cost-effective and universal, and could satisfy various needs, preferences and requirements. Whether we need a small city vehicles, compact SUV, spacious buses or luxurious models - we could find them online at Green Rent a Car - the best choice for renting hybrid Toyota in Bulgaria on every occasion.

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