Rent a car - what are the risks?

By : Raya Ivanova

Considering our busy lifestyles and the dynamics of our work, a well-deserved vacation combined with a car rental is the best way to relax and get the dream dose of relaxation. If we are planning a long trip or an excursion, let's consider renting a car instead of taking our own vehicle. Traveling to a new place opens up many transport options for us like bus, taxi, train or two-wheelers. However, the best and most practical option is to rent a car. Renting a car has become such a common part of the trip that sometimes we think that there is nothing that can go wrong and we miss getting acquainted with the contract and the general rental conditions. We often think that we are sure how to rent a car without making mistakes.

Should I buy additional insurance or pay for refueling? Can I drive to another country or do I need all the extras they offer me. These questions come up almost every time we use the service. And if we don't give them to the employee who rents out the car or we don't read the conditions well, then we may incur unforeseen expenses. 

Here are the main risks we take if we are not familiar with the rental conditions:

Prepaid fuel charges address our desire to simplify travel as well as our concerns about being late for our flight, as every minute added to the journey to the airport increases the risk of a delayed boarding. For our convenience, rent a car companies offer new options for pre-filling the car with fuel to save us time and effort. If we decide not to take advantage, the best time to find a suitable place to refuel our vehicle is right after we pick it up. As we drive away from the airport or the rent a car agency, let's pay attention to the local gas stations and make a plan to return to the most easily accessible or the most advantageous one at the end of the rental. Areas around airports can be confusing and unfamiliar, so we don't want to be driving in circles looking for a gas station as our flight time approaches. It will be more convenient for us to find out where we will load before returning the car, when we are not pressed for time. 

Another risk that we should pay attention to presents itself even before we get into the car. If we don't want to pay for the previous tenant's breakdown and damage, we need to do a thorough inspection for scratches, scrapes, loose parts and non-working power windows and mirrors. To be on the safe side, we might film the car. 

If we decide to drive abroad with the rented car, we must notify the agency. Let's keep in mind that if we drive to another country, we will need a vignette and a number of additional documents like an international permit  and a  Third-party liability vehicle insurance. In general, you should familiarize yourself with the local traffic rules of the country long before getting into the rental car. Likewise, we would benefit from details such as which side of the road to drive on, who has the right-of-way at a roundabout, and whether we are allowed to turn right at a red light. The best source of this type of information is the country's consulate or embassy or an up-to-date travel guide. Let's not forget to check the insurance abroad, we need to make sure that it meets the requirements of the country we are going to visit.

Is insurance mandatory?

The purchase of insurance which is offered to us by the rent a car agency for the purpose of security during the trip is entirely in our favor. However, before agreeing to this information, we must emphasize that car insurance policies can vary widely. It is advisable to contact your insurer in such a situation because the rule of some insurers is that the coverage we have for our main car also extends to the rental car since the rental is considered a replacement car, according to the policy. So if we have comprehensive cover for our own vehicle, our policy will also give us comprehensive cover for the rental car. But, if we do not have insurance, for our safety and peace of mind in case of technical problems or road accident, it is better to pay for one to the rental agency. Because the damage to the car can be a money pit.

Why should we trust

It is important to choose a reliable car rental company, such as, to make sure that we get where we need to be in a safe and economically efficient way. Attractive, competitive prices and convenient locations await us, as well as a modern and dynamic website through which to make an online reservation. The cars are hybrid and emit many times less emissions than standard rental car models. There is a car for all our needs. We can choose between compact and economical, luxurious and comfortable or powerful SUV cars. The reviews on the platforms reveal a lot - whether a rent a car company is correct, and whether its service is up to par. This is the next reason why we can trust Green Rent a Car.  

The combination of a cheaper car with the option to upgrade extras was a better deal years ago, but it's not a good deal these days. In most cases, the rent a car agent has considerable latitude in determining upgrade prices, so if they ask us if we are interested in additional extras, it is advisable to decline. A much more reasonable choice is to rent a new rental car which is full of extras that will make our trip full of comfort. In the fleet there are completely new cars with extras and security systems. This type of rental car would have cost us a lot more than paying for the extras.

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