Why rent a car if we have a personal vehicle

By : Raya Ivanova

Renting a car brings numerous advantages even if we already have one! In today’s busy world flexibility, rapidness and convenience are priorities and sometimes our reliable personal car could not fit every situation. We would consider the main advantages when choosing a rent-a-car – from saving money for maintenance to exploring new horizons in style and comfort. Let’s discover the world of opportunities that come with renting a vehicle from Green Rent a Car.

What are the situations we could rent a car

There are numerous situations in which renting a car could be the more convenient and practical version even if we have our own car. No matter whether you are planning a family holiday, we take part in business conference or just need a temporary replacement of our reliable car, rent-a-car gives us flexibility, convenience and comfort unparalleled to any other type of transport. 

The frequent scenarios are forthcoming long trip or a holiday. The continuous driving of our car could result in wearing out and damaging that could impact its value in the case of sale and cost us more for maintenance and repairs plus time for visiting the shop. Rent-a-car could save us these costs and at the same time provide us with more comfortable and pleasant moving around. Additionally, we could select among different cars that ensures we have the perfect car that fits our needs and preferences. 

Another situation in which the rent-a-car is useful, is when we have guests outside the city. Instead of “stuffing” everyone in our personal car, or relying on public transport, renting larger or more luxurious vehicle could make our visit more pleasant, dynamic and memorable. Additionally, if we visit on some occasion a special event, wedding or business event, renting a premium class car could leave long-lasting impression our colleagues and clients.

How to choose the suitable vehicle for us

Thanks to the numerous opportunities offered by the fleet of Greenrentacar.bg, it may be challenging to decide which class and model suits our needs the best. In order to make the decision-making process more convenient to manage, we take into account the following factors: 

  1. Firstly, let’s think of the main goal of renting a car. Going on a family holiday, attending business event or simply looking for temporary replacement of our personal car? The renting purpose would help us narrow the class and model of vehicle that would suit our needs the best. For example, if we are planning a family holiday, we may need larger vehicle like a van, SUV or minivan, so that we could make ourselves comfortable plus our luggage. On the other hand, if we are attending a business event, we may choose between luxurious sedans or sports vehicles to leave good impression. 
  2. Secondly, it is good to bear in mind the driving conditions and the terrain, we would encounter, during the rental period. If we intend driving in town, the compact and cost-effective electric vehicles, hybrids are the most suitable due to their easy manoeuvring and parking. On the contrary, if we are heading for the mountainous or rural regions, SUV vehicle 4X4 could provide us better traction and driving. 
  3. Finally, we take into consideration our budget and all the specific functions and additions that we would like to have in our rent-a-car – such as GPS navigation, car seats etc.

What are the additional extras we could take advantage of

When renting a vehicle, there are extras and additions that could improve our comprehensive experience while driving. Most often, the selected extras include: 

  • Prepaid fuel: at the time of rental, vehicles are provided with tank that is 100% full. This helps us save time and it is especially useful when in a hurry for an event or flight.
  • GPS navigation: Despite that most of our smart devices are equipped with GPS navigation, the availability of special GPS system inside the rent-a-car could provide additional convenience and ease of use. This is especially useful when travelling in unknown regions or when the coverage of our mobile phones may not be reliable. 
  • Children car seats: When travelling in the company of small children, we could add children car seats and boosters that are in conformity with the safety provisions and standards. This saves us the inconvenience of looking for and carrying our own car seat and ensures children’s safety while travelling inside the car.
  • Renting together with a driver: trained driver that would ensure the easiest and most pleasant trip, no matter of the occasion. A chance for using the service for transfer, prom, wedding and many other occasions.
  • Additional drivers: renting a car allows us to add additional drivers to the rental agreement – especially useful during long trips or when several people need to share the driving responsibilities. 
  • Travelling abroad: smooth border crossing by the rented vehicle with power of attorney drawn in advance and insurance for the country we are heading for.

Why should we rent online from Greenrentacar.bg?

Renting a car online has never been easier than entering Greenrentacar.bg through our telephone or PC. With the user-friendly interface and extensive selection of cars, Green Rent a Car offers numerous advantages among which:

  • Convenience: Renting a car online provides us with the opportunity to review and compare vehicles, prices and additional extras without any worries, with our own tempo. This saves us time and efforts.
  • Competitive prices: Greenrentacar.bg offers competitive prices and exclusive discounts for clients booking through the website. 
  • Broad range of vehicles: Green Rent a Car offers broad range of classes and vehicle models of the TOYOTA make thus ensuring we could find the perfect car that satisfies our expectations, needs and preferences, irrespective of whether we are looking for cost-effective vehicle, spacious SUV, comfortable sedan or freight rent-a-car.
  • Flexible booking options: Greenrentacar.bg offers flexible booking options that allow rapidly renting vehicle for short- or long term. Additionally, the system provides us with the opportunity to change or cancel our booking easily, thus providing us with additional flexibility and peace of mind.

In conclusion, renting a vehicle even when we have one, offers numerous advantages – from saving costs for maintenance and repairs to providing the perfect vehicle for every situation. In Greenrentacar.bg we could enjoy problem-free booking process, competitive prices and great range of cars!

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