What should we know before renting a vehicle

By : Raya Ivanova

Before renting a car, we need to take several key factors into consideration in order to have smooth and problem-free experience. Firstly, it is important to research and compare the rent a car companies in order to find one that offers competitive prices, good service of clients and broad choice of vehicles. Additionally, we need to check for possible age limitations or requirements since some companies may set minimum age limitations or accrue additional fees to younger drivers. Secondly, let us carefully review the rental agreement while paying special attention to the terms and conditions, insurance cover, run limitations and all the prospective additional fees, for example fuel fees or sanctions for delayed return. It is important to review the rental rules when it comes to the damages since we may be held liable for all the scratches or indents that have not been documented before rental. Before entering the agreement, we may be interested in all the available discounts, loyalty programs or special offers. Finally, let us make sure we are aware of all the extras and technical features of the car and have realized the particular requirements towards its return, for example fuel level and the delivery locations in order to avoid surprises at the last moment. 

Is the insurance mandatory

The insurance is usually mandatory when renting a vehicle since the rent-a-car companies require from the clients to have some coverage pattern. This is done in order to protect the rent a car company as well as the driver in the case of road accident or damage.

Even if the insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended when renting a vehicle. The insurance provides calmness and could save us from significant financial liabilities in the case of accidents, theft or damage. Without insurance, we could be personally liable for the direct costs incurred for repairs or vehicle replacement which could be quite expensive.

Additionally, the presence of insurance cover could help us avoid disputes and conflicts with the rent a car company. It eliminates the need of arguing about who is liable for the damages, since the insurance usually copes with the process and covers the costs in the case of possible road accident. This could save us time, stress and potential legal complications.

In summary, even though the insurance is not always mandatory when renting a vehicle, it is highly recommended in order to protect ourselves from financial debts and potential disputes. It provides a security level and ensures rental process of less problems, while offering calmness during our trip.

What are the rental terms and conditions

When renting a vehicle, there are couple of general terms and conditions that the rent a car companies usually require from the clients to satisfy. Firstly, it is essential to have a valid driving license. Some companies could have age restrictions whereas usually they require from the drivers to be at least 21-year-old. Secondly, oftentimes we may be required to provide basic credit card for payment and deposit. The credit card should be on the name of the renter and have sufficient credit for covering the rental costs and all the additional fees or damages that could occur during the rental period. In some cases, we may accept debit cards or payments cash yet in view of these additional deposits or documents may be necessary. Finally, we expect to have the rent a cars returned in the condition in which these were rented. The rental agreement usually states that the vehicle should be returned with full gas tank, otherwise fee may be charged for fuelling. Additionally, it is important to return the vehicle in time, in order to avoid fees for being late.

Let us mention that the particular terms and conditions for renting a car may differ in the various renting companies so it is always recommendable to carefully review our contract and receive information about all the particular terms and conditions or the requirements before renting a vehicle.

Why should we trust Greenrentacar.bg

There are several reasons because of which we could trust Greenrentacar.bg, when we need a rent-a-car. Firstly, the company is popular for its excellent good will and reliability in industry. It has experience in rendering quality services and the maintenance of high level of clients' satisfaction. The hundreds of clients have shared positive feedbacks and experience that witness company's reliability. Secondly, Greenrentacar.bg offers wide range of well-maintained hybrid models of 2023 among which we could choose. Irrespective of whether we need a compact model for driving in town or a spacious SUV for a family trip, they have a versatile fleet that satisfies various needs and preferences.

The company prides itself with the fact it offers brand new cars in order to ensure safe and comfortable driving. Greenrentacar.bg is transparent in its price and rental policies. They are striving for providing competitive prices without hidden fees or unexpected payments. The rental agreement describes clearly the terms and conditions including all the additional costs or requirements that allows the clients to make informed decisions. Another reason to trust Greenrentacar.bg, is their engagement towards servicing clients. The company has specialized and professional team that is there to cooperate with us throughout the whole rental process. They answer inquiries, provide clear communication and offer support when necessary. This level of care after the client contributes for the positive experience during rental and builds trust. 

Greenrentacar.bg understands the meaning of convenience and flexibility. They offer convenient booking opportunities, including online booking that allow us to easily choose the desired model and duration of the rent. They also provide flexible delivery locations that allows us to take and return the vehicle according to our schedule.

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