The most suitable family rent-a-cars

By : Raya Ivanova

When we plan a family trip, one of the main things we need to take into consideration is transportation. The selection of the right rent-a-car is essential since it could influence our trip. A family on the road needs sufficient space for everyone in the car as well as place for all their luggage. This means that the idea rent-a-car should offer first and foremost safety, space and convenience. 

Could we rent a family vehicle

Nowadays, renting a car in Bulgaria is easier and more accessible than ever. After the occurrence of the online services, we could easily book a family car for long vacation or runaway for the weekend, without any difficulties and at great prices. The days when we had to visit physical rent-ca-car office and go through the burdensome documentation in order to get a car have remained in the past. Now we could simply visit the rent-a-car website in order to choose the model we desire, provide our data… and voilà! The selected vehicle should be ready for reception at the delivery location defined by us, on a particular day.

Renting a car offers not only convenience but an opportunity to create long-lasting memories with our relatives. Irrespective of whether it is about weekend relax at the beach, trip to the mountain or a family event, our rent-a-car service  provides us with quality time with our beloved ones in order to visit new places together. Additionally, rent-a-car means we do not need to rely on public transport that could take very long and be limited. Thanks to the rent-a-car we are free to go where necessary – in line with our own tempo.

How to choose suitable vehicle

When it is about choosing a suitable family vehicle, there are several key factors we need to take into consideration in order to make sure we would get the best vehicle considering our needs. 

Here are some pieces of advice on how to choose a suitable family rent-a-car vehicle:

  • Specify the number of passengers

The first thing we need to take into consideration when choosing a rent-a-car, is the “size” of our family. If there are more of us, we would need a vehicle with big trunk and more seats, so that we could all make ourselves comfortable. These are the combi, as well as minivan vehicles.

  • Check the safety features

Safety should be main priority when renting a family vehicle. It is important to have information about the tire model to the safety systems. We need to be looking for functions such as airbags, anti-blocking brakes and stability control. Children’s safety systems such as safety belts, children car seat and protective locks should also be available and operational. 

  • Define the rental period

It is important to specify how much time we would need for carriage, and make sure the rental period corresponds to the trip duration. This would help us avoid all supplementary fees or default payments. 

  • Let’s consider the route

We should take into consideration the kilometers we are going to travel when choosing a family rent-a-car. If we are going to drive for many kilometers, maybe it’s more reasonable to choose a cost-effective vehicle with good run. If we are going to drive on a snowy landscape maybe we need a jeep SUV 4x4.

  • Look for additional functions

The additional functions could make our trip more convenient and pleasurable.

While bearing in mind these factors when making our mind, we would be able to find what suits our needs and provides us with safe and comfortable trip for our family.

The important aspects we need to pay attention to

Being parents, one of the most important things we need to pay attention to when renting a car for family trip is the safety feature. Safety should always be of paramount importance when travelling with our close people, and renting a vehicle with improved safety functions could help us in ensuring problem-free and pleasant trip. 

Additionally, it is a good idea to choose a vehicle with good visibility since this would help us in navigating better on the roads and avoiding potential accidents. Functions such as rear vision cameras , dead zone observation and warnings on leaving the lane could also help for improving the traffic safety.

In general, safety should always be of primary importance when renting a vehicle for family trip. When choosing a vehicle with improved safety functions, we ensure safe and pleasant trip with our beloved ones.

Why we should trust has a versatile fleet full of new and mainly hybrid models while offering new range of rent-a-cars, including bigger vehicles suitable for families or groups of people. 

These models have been especially designed so that they could fit the family needs on the road. They are equipped with spacious interior, convenient seats and large space for luggage making them perfect for long trips or excursion. Additionally, the family rent-a-cars have improved safety functions such as the system for lane tracking. Renting could save us money and offer us flexibility since we could choose its duration depending on our needs – we could not only make our mind among different models that suit our budget, as well as our preferences.

In conclusion, renting a car has never been easier and offers numerous advantages to the families that would like to be travelling together. The service provides convenience, safety, accessibility and flexibility that allows us to focus on creating unforgettable memories with our relatives. So the next time we need to plan a trip, let’s consider renting a family vehicle in order to enjoy the freedom and comfort it could offer us.

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