Advantages of renting a car in Bourgas

By : Raya Ivanova

Bourgas is among the biggest and meanwhile most beautiful towns in Bulgaria, located in the Easternmost point of the Black Sea. It is the perfect designation for those that would like to dive into the marine atmosphere, enjoy the beautiful beaches and rich history and culture of the region. In the district of Bourgas there are many places worth visiting, for example the unmatched resorts Nessebar, Sozopol, Sunny beach, Primorsko and Pomorie offering incredible experience for every taste and mood.

Our trip in Bourgas and the region of Bourgas could be much easier and more convenient if we rely on the services rendered by rent-a-car company. Thus we would get the freedom of exploring the region, without bothering with public transport or looking for a taxi. Additionally, renting a vehicle provides us with the opportunity to choose a rent-a-car that suits our preferences and needs.

The best place for renting cars in Bourgas is the company Green Rent a Car, which offers broad spectrum of various vehicle classes at accessible prices. In the next lines, we would take a look at why choosing Green Rent a Car for our trip and the advantages brought by this service.

Why rent a car in Bourgas?

Green Rent a Car has many years of experience in rendering services for renting vehicles. The company has extensive fleet that is suits every taste and purpose – from luxurious and prestigious models to cost-effective and compact vehicle that spare our budget and environment. All the vehicles are brand new, maintained in excellent condition and equipped with all the necessary amenities and extras.

Additionally, Green Rent a Car offers its clients flexibility and versatility of services. We could rent a car for various occasions – wedding, prom, business meeting, holiday with friends or family, transfer to and from the airport etc. Irrespective of the case and the rental period, we would get a vehicle that suits our expectations and preferences.

An important advantage of Green Rent a Car is the opportunity to choose and add many additional options to each and every vehicle – for example, hiring a driver, GPS device, car seat or other extras that would make our trip safer, smoother and more convenient. Additionally, the booking procedure and rent-a-car is easy and fast, whereas we could do everything online at company’s website.

Advantages and benefits of this service

There are many reasons for you to rent a car in Bourgas from the company Green Rent a Car. Here are some of the main advantages of this service:

  • Broad range of vehicles in various classes: Green Rent a Car provides a selection of vehicles among which we could find the one that suits our needs the best. From luxurious and prestigious models to economic and compact cars, hybrids and vehicles of various sizes and capacity.
  • Competitive prices: The vehicles provided by Green Rent a Car are at accessible prices whereas the company offers various packages and proposals that suit our preferences and budget. 
  • Fast and easy booking: The booking and renting process for a car of Green Rent a Car is as simplified and convenient as possible whereas we could do everything online through the company website, via couple of clicks. We would get fast confirmation of our booking and would get the opportunity to change or refuse the service without any problem whatsoever.
  • Suiting our needs: Green Rent a Car provides flexibility and versatility of services that fit our needs and rent-a-car occasions. We could choose a vehicle, certain extras or additional services such as hiring a driver, GPS device, child car seat etc.

What are the occasions we could rent a car for?

Proms: We could make our special evening even more unforgettable with stylish and convenient vehicle. Additionally, we could choose a service with driver in order to enjoy the trip, without bothering about parking or driving.

Weddings: We are worth travelling with style on our big day. Green Rent a Car has a versatility of vehicles of various classes and colours that perfectly match the wedding topic. We could even order a bus in order to take care after the carriage of our wedding guests.

Airport transfers: We could avoid the inconveniences of public transport or expensive taxis and enjoy a smooth and convenient travel to or from the airport. 

Business travels: If we undertake business trip, we need a reliable, convenient and professional vehicle. Green Rent a Car provides a choice among which you could select business vehicles that are perfect for our business meetings, conferences of presentations. 

Travels: For entertainment and adventures, while travelling with our family or friends. We could explore new places and create unforgettable memories with rent-a-car in the region of Bourgas.

Special occasions: For various types of occasions – birthday, anniversary, graduation or other important event, we are worth treating ourselves with rent-a-car that would make us feel special.

Relocation: If you are moving to a new home or office, you need a vehicle that could cope with our belongings. Green Rent a Car has microbuses that are wide, spacious and robust in order to transport your items in safe and effective manner.

How to book online from

Booking a vehicle from the website of Green Rent a Car takes couple of minutes. You need to go for from a handy device: tablet, laptop, smartphone or home PC. After we like the suitable vehicle, we just need to choose it. Its webpage would present all the built-in and additional extras, the location, time and minutes of renting and returning. After we make our choice, we just need to press the button “Book”. During the next step, we need to fill in the other options such as method of deposit payment. After completing the order, an employee of Green Rent a Car would check the order and would get in touch with you for specifying the details.

The advantages inherent to renting a car in Bourgas from Green Rent a Car

Rent-a-car in Bourgas from Green Rent a Car is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to explore the district of Bourgas easily and conveniently. The company offers numerous advantages, as well as broad range of new hybrid vehicles TOYOTA, low prices, highly qualified personnel and great choice of additional extras.

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