Advantages of Rent a car from airport

By : Raya Ivanova

Renting a vehicle from the airport could offer numerous advantages, especially if we are travelling to new destination or have a busy schedule.  

Advantages of Rent a car from airport

  • Convenience

Firstly, of course comes the convenience of renting a car right after our arrival at the airport. We could go to the rent a car counters in easy and fast manner that are located within the terminal or in close proximity. This eliminates the need of additional transportation in order to make it to the rent a car location outside the airport. We do not need to worry about finding a taxi, bus or train in order to make it to the hotel or other places. We could simply pick our vehicle from the airport and drive calmly to the place where we need to go. Additionally, we have the flexibility it takes to see the region with our own tempo and stop whenever we wish.

  • Time saving

Renting from the airport a car model that was selected in advance from the website or from the online booking system that saves us precious time. We do not need to wait at queues or rely on a car that does not fit our requirements in order to make it to our destination. After we get the car keys we could start our trip right away that gives us greater control over the planned schedule.

  • Accessibility

Usually, airports are well connected to the main road arteries which facilitates the access to various destinations. This accessibility allows us to rapidly make it to the place we would like to, irrespective of whether it is about a hotel, business meeting, tourist attraction or other destination. In general, the presence of rent a car gives us freedom and flexibility to explore the region with our own tempo. We could visit numerous destinations, choose picturesque routes and make spontaneous stops on the road. The public transport may have limited schedules and routes, yet by rent a car we have the right to create our own. If we intend discovering remote or not that easily accessible regions, the service would provide us with the convenience in making it to these locations. The opportunities for another type of transport may not be available or could be limited to those regions when the presence of own car gives us the freedom to deviate at any time.

  • Comfort and confidentiality

It is beyond doubt that the service provides higher level of comfort and solitude compared to public transport. We have full control over temperature, music and other vehicle settings, which allows us to adapt circumstances to our preferences. Additionally, we could enjoy the personal space without the presence of other passengers. The early booking online of rent a car from the airport allows us to choose the type and size of the vehicle that suits our needs. We could choose a spacious SUV, compact sedan or luxurious rent a car, depending on our budget and taste. 

  • Place for keeping

The rent a car is especially cost effective if we are travelling with lots of luggage or equipment. Most models offer sufficient space for storage, including trunks and seat configurations, which could conveniently accommodate our items. This is especially useful if we have big or volumetric items, such as skiing equipment or professional shooting facilities which could be hard to carry by the public transport.

  • Price effective for group trips

If you are travelling together with a group of people, renting a car from the airport could be more cost effective compared to the arrangement of numerous taxis or shared trips. While combining your costs, you could share the rental fees, fuel costs and other costs that makes it more accessible version for group trip.

  • Safety

Renting a car from the airport could be safer than using public transport or taxis, especially at unknown places. We could avoid overcrowded buses or trains that could expose us to microbes or thefts. Additionally, you could avoid suspicious taxi drivers that could cost us quite dearly or take us to dangerous places.

What are the airport locations of

Our rent a car company has conveniently positioned offices at or nearby the three most busy airports in the country, namely Varna airport, Bourgas airport and Sofia airport.

What are the business hours

The airport offices are open seven days a week, from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. yet if our flight is not within this time range, yet we have booked a car, the employees would be waiting for us at the arranged time.

Why should you trust

In our rent a car company we are proud of the fact that we provide our clients with reliable and secure experience. There are couple of reasons because of which our clients may trust us when it is about renting new and hybrid vehicles. Firstly, our fleet consists solely of the newest models that provides them with access to vehicles equipped with cutting edge safety functions, hi-tech features and optimal features. Secondly, our sustainability engagement is obvious via offering hybrid vehicles. When choosing a hybrid rent a car, our clients not only enjoy fuel effectiveness but contribute for better environmental friendliness. Additionally, we prioritize the maintenance and regular service of our vehicles, which ensures that our clients get well-maintained and reliable rent a car. Our competent and friendly personnel is always ready to help throughout the rental process. Finally, we are devoted to transparency while providing clear and fair price structures, good insurance cover and clear terms and conditions. Our clients' satisfaction and trust from taking to returning the vehicle are among our main priorities and we are striving for exceeding the expectations while providing problem-free and reliable experience.

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