Rental terms and conditions

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General provisions

The following provisions shall apply for all bookings of car rent made by the customer (hereinafter “Customer” or “You”) to ALEKSIA AUTO LTD., UIC: 202516238, registered and management address: the town of Pomorie 8200, 17-19 Evropa Str. (hereinafter referred to as “Lessor”, “us” and “we”) on the internet site, including its mobile version (hereinafter referred to as

By using and/or making a booking to rent a car ("Booking"), you agree to be bound by the terms specified herein ("The Terms"). Please, make sure that you have read and understood The Terms before making your booking.

The including of products or services of at a certain time shall not mean or guarantee that those products or services are available at any time. We preserve the right to discontinue the offering of any product/service at any time.

We preserve the right to change these Terms at any time without notifying you in advance. The version of the Terms to be applied for your Booking will be the one published on at the time when you make the Booking.

Terms for Booking

Booking may be done by individuals who do not perform economic activity, have turned at least 18 years who have not been placed under guardianship and who:

  • Have created a user account for or provided the required information through the booking platform from unregistered user;
  • Paid the minimal booking charge;
  • Accepted these Terms;
  • Confirmed that they have been acquainted with the Notification of Confidentiality.

The creating of user account is not a mandatory conditions for boking and only registered users may change details for making Reservations, to manage their reservations online, to receive information and make inquiries of active and ended reservations, to receive discounts under loyal customer programs, etc.


Rental terms

When you conclude the rental agreement, you are obliged to produce driving licence[1] for category corresponding to the car specified in the Booking and valid for the whole term of the rental agreement, and the control card.

Lessees/persons specified as additional driver/ aged below 21 years or who acquired driving licence for the relevant car category less than 3 (three) years ago, shall pay additional charge.

The Lessor may envisage additional terms for renting certain categories of cars, for example, different requirements as to minimal age and experience and/or higher amount of deposit.


The minimal period for car rent is 24 hours.

If you need the car for a period longer than 1 calendar year, please, contact the Head Office of the Lessor for preparation of an individual offer.

Prices and charges

All prices are in Euro and include 20 % VAT.

The price is based on 24-hour rent with the exclusion of the charges for which a single payment is specified.

Vignette charges – The rental price includes a vignette charge for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Mileage – The basic rental price includes unlimited mileage, except if otherwise is specified.

Fuel If the car is returned with shortage of fuel, € 10 is paid /refueling charge/ and the price of the fuel shortage at € 1,50 per litre.

Prepaid fuel – the customer paid the value of the fuel and has the right to return the car with unfilled tank without paying the fuel shortage and administrative charge. The lessor shall not due any refund of the value of the available unused fuel.

Trip abroad  -  the rental price is valid for hiring a car in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. To hire a car for travelling abroad, a prior approval is necessary and the application should be sent at least 72 hours in advance. To travel abroad, additional single fee is charged. The lessor may stipulate additional requirements depending on the chosen country.

Additional driver – the charge is paid per day for each additional driver. It is acceptable to include not more than one additional driver.

Young driver – the charge is paid per day for the whole period of car rent by a driver that does not comply with the minimal requirements of age and/or term for obtaining competence to drive the relevant car category.

Child car seat – the charge for equipping the car with a child car seat is paid per day. The lessor is not responsible for transportation of children in the rented car without the mandatory safety systems where such were not specified in the Booking.

Navigation – the charge is paid per day. For automobiles standardly equipped with a navigation system, no additional charge is paid.

Non-working time – the taking or returning the automobile in beyond the working time from 09:00 to 18:00 hours or at the weekend or on public holidays is offered only with a prior appointment done at least 24 hours before the time of delivery. A single charge is applied.

Delivery/collecting – the service of delivery or collecting is free for the standard locations of delivery. Additional charge is paid for delivery/collecting the car at an address specified by the customer within the town in which the Lessor has established sites. The delivery of the Rented Car at other settlement is negotiated on a case by case basis.

Winter equipment – the automobiles are equipped with mandatory equipment according to the requirements existing in the Republic of Bulgaria, including equipped with winter tires in the period 01.11 - 31.03 that is included in the rental price.

Road offences

In case of fines and/or road offences, the customer is charged with the amount of the relevant fine and/or violation plus a charge of € 50 for covering the administrative expenses.

! In case the Lessor receives a notice of committed office with the rented car ascertained using technical means or systems photographing or recording the date, the exact time of the offence and the registration plate number of the motor vehicle, the former provides the control authorities with the details of the customer and the additional driver and  a traffic ticket/penal act is issued to the customer.

FULL PROTECTION – releases the customer from responsibility for damages or theft of parts and accessories from the rented car. The releasing of responsibility is not applied in the following cases:

  • damages as a result of road accident caused due to the customer’s fault or the relevant damage results from a guilty action of the customer or of third parties accompanying them;
  • The customer drove the rented car under effect of alcohol and/or drugs and/or opiates;
  • The road accident or damage was cased intentionally by the customer or third parties accompanying them;
  • The customer assigned the driving of the automobile to a person that was not specified as an additional driver;
  • The road accident or the damage during or in reference to a criminal offence committed by the customer or a person accompanying them;
  • The customer did not fulfil the contractual obligations in case of a road accident or another incident involving the rented car;
  • Theft or damage of wipers, tires, hubcaps, mirrors, registration plate, additional equipment, keys or documents of the rented car;
  • Shortages and damages of the interior of the car;

In case of damages or theft of the rented car, a charge to the amount of € 50 is paid to cover the administrative expenses irrespective of the liability of the customer.

Methods of payment

When finalizing the Booking, it is necessary that the Customer prepays the final price or guarantees the Booking by a credit card.

Prepayment of the Booking may be done by:

  • debit  card;
  • credit card –Visa and Masterсard are acceptable
  • PayPal

To guarantee the Booking using a credit card, your credit card will be authorized for the final amount of the rent until the end of the term for receiving the car.

In case of guaranteeing the Booking by a credit card, the Customer pays the due amount at the time of concluding the rental agreement.

Providing a deposit is a mandatory condition for concluding a rental agreement. The deposit is given in cash or authorized from the debit card of the Customer. Visa и Masterсard cards are acceptable and the card should be valid for the rental term.
Change or refusal of Booking

By their confirmation of the Booking, the Customer agrees with the rental price and the additional charges, the category and the type of the car, the staring and end date of the rental period, place of receiving and returning the car, additional equipment of the car and other details specified in the rental terms of the Booking.

The Lessor shall be considered to have accepted the Booking by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail account specified by the Customer with details of the Booking. To finish correctly and secure your Booking, you should use your correct e-mail account. We bear no responsibility for claims related to execution of the Booking in case of wrong or incorrectly entered e-mail account or incorrect (mobile) telephone numbers.

Except if a particular car is specified in the Booking, the Booking binds the Lessor to provide a car of the specified class and main characteristics/transmission, level of equipment/ at the judgement and according to the cars available in the car pool of the Lessor.

The customer shall have the right to change or cancel their booking by calling to tel. 070070022 or to e-mail: The customers who have a user account on have the chance to change or cancel their booking from My Bookings menu in their account on

Each change of the booking should be approved by the Lessor.

For cancellation of the booking, the Customer shall owe a cancellation charge as follows:

  • with a cancellation up to 72 hours before the starting date and time of the rent – no charge;
  • with a cancellation up to 48 hours before the starting date and time of the rent – 30 % of the final price of the Booking but not more than the value of the Booking for 1 day;
  • with a cancellation up to 24 hours before the starting date and time of the rent – 50 % of the final price of the Booking but not more than the value of the Booking for 2 days;
  • with cancellation of less than 24 hours before the starting date and time of the rent – 100 % of the final price of the Booking but not more than the value of the Booking for 3 days.

The Lessor shall deduct the amount of the cancellation charge from the amount prepaid by the Customer and the remaining balance shall be refunded with 7 working days into a bank account specified by the Customer.

If the Booking is guaranteed by a credit card, the Lessor shall have the right to use the doubled amount of the cancellation charge.


Concluding of an agreement

The Customer shall be obliged to conclude a rental agreement for the booked car until the date and time specified in the Booking for receiving the booked automobile at an office of the Lessor or an address specified by them for Delivery/Returning of the rented car.

If the Customer has no registered user account, it is necessary to have with them a printed copy or an electronic format on a mobile device of the Booking confirmation.

In case of the Customer’s delay, the booked automobile shall be guaranteed within 1 hour. After the end of this period, the car is released and may be given to another customer and the Booking is considered cancelled by the Customer, and the Lessor shall have the right of cancellation charge to the amount of 100 % of the final price of the Booking but not more than the value of the Booking for 3 days.

The Lessor shall have the right to refuse to conclude a rental agreements for the booked car and to receive cancellation charge for the Booking to the amount of 100 % of the final price of the Booking but not more than the value of the Booking for 3 days, in the following cases:

  • the Customer and/or an additional driver has no valid driving licence and control card;
  • the Customer and/or an additional driver are visibly intoxicated or under the effect of narcotics or opiates;
  • In case the Customer and/or an additional driver has unpaid liabilities to the Lessor under previous agreements;
  • In case of aggressive behaviour of the Customer and/or an additional driver or use of abusive or obscene words to the staff of the Lessor;
  • In case the Customer has no system for children security and such is not requested in the Booking where there is information that the Customer will transport children for whom, the use of such a system is mandatory;

Conclusive provisions

To facilitate the Customers, it is possible that the original Bulgarian version of these Terms is available on translated into other languages. In case of dispute about the contents or the interpretation of these Terms, or inconsistencies and differences between the Bulgarian version and the version in another language, the Bulgarian version should prevail.

These Terms and the provision of our services shall be regulated and interpreted according to the Bulgarian legislation.

Each dispute about the services and reservations provided through should be resolved by the competent Bulgarian court.





[1] The driving licence may be:

  • Issued by the Ministry of Interior pursuant to the provisions and procedure of the Traffic Law;
  • Issued by a member state of the European Union or by another country – party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or from the Confederation of Switzerland, provided the person has turned the minimal age required by the Traffic Law for the relevant category;
  • Issued in another country at the following terms:
  1. The country in which it was issues is a Contracting Party to the Convention on Road Traffic and the certificate complies with the requirements of Appendix No 6 to the Convention;
  2. The country in which it was issued is a Contracting Party to the Agreement among the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty about the status of their armed forces at the terms of art. IV, letter "а" of it;
  3. The driving licence is accompanied by a legalized translation into Bulgarian language;
  4. The driving licence is international and complies with the requirements of Appendix No 7 to the Convention on Road Traffic.



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