Why should I choose to rent a Toyota Hybrid?

Why should I choose to rent a Toyota Hybrid?
  • Toyota Hybrid being charged while moving
Toyota Hybrid does not need to be plugged in. The battery of the car is charged while moving and at stopping, Thus, we can charge and use the battery several times during one trip, without the necessity to stop or wait for its charging.
  • Toyota Hybrid likes easy driving
Driving a Toyota Hybrid is much easier than you expect. The car chooses the optimal movement regimen itself. It does not have a clutch and its driving includes acceleration and braking.
  • Toyota Hybrid likes moving around the city
Toyota Hybrid cars release up to 1/3 less CO2 emissions and that is why they will be allowed for driving all around Europe in the following years, too. Toyota Hybrids do not pollute the air with particulate matter or nitrous oxides.
  • Toyota Hybrid likes freedom
With its selection of over 8 models, the reasons to choose to rent a Toyota Hybrid are more than ever. Whether it is to be the attractive Toyota C-HR, a compact urban car, or a practical SUV, ready for adventure during the weekend – Toyota Hybrid is here for you.
  • Toyota Hybrid likes reliability
With more than twenty years of experience and over 11 million hybrid cars on the roads all around the world, Toyota Hybrid is a reliable technology which has proved itself with time.
  • Toyota Hybrid likes carelessness
  • Toyota Hybrid likes easy maintenance

The number of people driving a rented Toyota Hybrid has been increasing – young and old, families and professionals …

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