Saint Anastasia
An island in the Black Sea
Saint Anastasia is a Bulgarian island in the Burgas Bay, situated on the Black Sea. Between 1945 and 1996, the island was called Bolshevik. It is 6,5 km south-east from Burgas, between Saint Anastasia Cape and Atiya Cape. The island is located on volcanic rocks, it is 12 meters high, with a surface of 0,01 sq. km.
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Seaside Garden
A park in Burgas, Bulgaria
The Seaside Garden is a park on the Bulgarian Black Sea town of Burgas. The park lies on a surface of 720 decares and is planted with decorative trees and bushes. Among them, you can find sculptures and busts of famous writes, actors, and persons, which were created mainly during Summer Sculpture Workshops in Burgas.
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Pomorie Lake
A lagoon in Bulgaria
Pomorie Lake is a coastal lagoon, situated to the north of the town of Pomorie. The lake is divided from the sea with a natural sandspit and artificial dike, and only its southern part has a connecting canal which provides the inflow and flow-off of sea water.
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Atanasovkso Lake
A lake in Bulgaria
Atanasovsko Lake is a lake situated within the borders of Burgas, between Izgrev and Sarafovo districts and to the west from them. It is a part of Burgas Lake Complex and its east border is through Atanasovsko Sandspit, which is a 1 km sandspit with the Black Sea.
Atanasovkso Lake See the map
Burgas Lake
A lake in Bulgaria
Burgas Lake is a shallow firth on the Black Sea coastline, to the west of Burgas. It is a part of Burgas Lake Complex and, after the construction of Mandra Dam in 1963, it is the biggest natural lake in Bulgaria. It is 9,6 km long, 2,5 to 5 km wide, the surface of which takes 28 km², and its depth is 1,3 m.
Burgas Lake See the map
Poda Nature Conservation Center
A birdwatching site
Poda, also called Pod or the Poda, is a swamp at the flow-off of Mandra Lake towards the Black Sea, within the territory of Burgas. The only mixed heron colony close to a big town is there.
Poda Nature Conservation Center See the map
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