Have you ever asked yourself when the most suitable time for renting a car from Green rent a car is? The demand and supply of rent-a-car services is extremely predictable – it depends on the season and a number of other circumstances through which, you can rent a car at the best price. Her are the factors you may take into consideration to get a service of excellent quality and preferential terms.

Immediately after public holidays
With the coming of the grandest holidays such as Christmas, Easter or the Day of Liberation, the great travelling starts  - a large part of the inhabitants of the cities seize the opportunity to go on a vacation or visit their families in rented cars. These periods are characterized by a large demand of rented vehicles. Immediately after a succession of holidays, coming back to the cities, people return the rented cars. If you choose to rent a car immediately after such a holiday, you will have at your disposal a large choice of cars in the car fleet of Green rent a car and advantageous offers. 

In spring or autumn
Summer is the season of the peak of rent-a-car services. In this period, foreigners and local people rent a lot of cars to travel during their annual leaves. The increased demand determines the higher prices of services compared to the remaining part of the year. In winter, however, a lot of companies choose to use rented cars in order to avoid car accidents with company cars. In the cold months, there is a large demand of substituting cars by insurers who choose rented cars while they cover the damages of their customers. Autumn and spring, however, do not imply distant trips and great demand of rental cars and are therefore suitable for using the rent-a-car services.

On Thursday afternoon or Friday morning 
The weekly work load of the rent-a-car companies is usually as follows: Monday morning is extremely busy with a lot of customers and renting cars. Tuesday is like Monday, on Wednesday most of the cars have already been rented by customers. On Thursday afternoon, all these customers (most of who are corporate) usually return the cars they have rented and the car fleet is filled up again, and on Friday morning, the merchants try to conclude as many as possible rent-a-car transactions for weekend trips.

According to this work load, we may conclude that the best time for renting a car or having a large selection of cars at your disposal is Thursday evening or Friday morning. If you rent a car for the weekend, you may even get preferential terms for the service.

Car renting may be stressful. Trust the services of Green Rent a Car and call now tel: 0700 700 22 so that we select together the most suitable car for your business or personal trip.
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