The history of rent-a-car started more than half a century ago. Although the service is widely popular today and that you can order a car from Green rent a car by only one phone call, the convenience to rent a vehicle was used as early as Ancient Rome when the citizens of the empire let their chariots under rent.

And here is how the rent-a-car industry has developed since the beginning of twentieth century now.


The earlies record of rental cars may be traced back to 1904 when a bicycle shop in Minneapolis, USA started offering rental cars. Several years later – in 1912, the first company specialized in rent-a-car services was created in Germany. The business started with three cars and due to the interest, grew soon.
In 1915, in Omaha, USA, an industrious entrepreneur called Joe Saunders also started his own rent-a-car business and only for 2 years,  he offered to rent 120 cars and started an intensive marketing campaign in the local newspaper. Until 1927, the business model of the company became so profitable that he opened his branches in more than 85 cities.


With the boom and growth of automobile industry, the rent-a-car business also grew. After the Second World War, still more and more people started renting cars because they had greater income.  With the increase of the demand of the service, the number of companies also increased. At that time, one of the conglomerates in this field was created.
The increase of the income resulted in more chances to travel and thus, local companies became international rent-a-car companies. Although most of the people at that time had cars, a lot of them chose the services of rental cars for their trips.
In the second half of twentieth century, the financial and public sector were again booming which, in its turn, opened new opportunities for rent-a-car companies that gradually turned into international companies with impressive car fleets.


Since the beginning of twenty-first century now, the companies proceeded from uniform choice of cars to fleets of thousands of different brands of vehicles. Today, there are rent-a-car services offering you to rent a car, mini-bus, truck, boat and even helicopter!
contemporary rent-a-car companies now have an impressive experience and flexible terms which is due to the enhanced demand of the service. The world is getting still more globalized, people travel at unprecedented speed and rent cars, mini-buses and other vehicles more often than ever.
At the beginning of its history, renting a car involved filling in multiple documents but nowadays, you can rent a vehicle from the rich car fleet of Green rent a car only with your driving license at telephone: 0700 700 22

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