Burgas is the biggest town in Southeast Bulgaria and the second biggest on the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline, and, with its surface of 253,644 km² it is one of the biggest towns in the country. The several nature reserves and protected areas, the ancient and middle-aged settlements, the Black Sea and the annual festivals attract a great number of tourists. The Burgas Cathedral, named after the Byzantine theologians Cyril and Methodius, and the Poda protected area, are among the 100 national tourist attractions. Saint Anastasia Monastery located on the island of the same name, in the waters of the Burgas Bay, is the only preserved middle-aged island monastery in the Black Sea.

Sea casino
A cultural centre in Bulgaria
Burgas Sea Casino is situated on the central path of the Seas Garden. It looks towards the whole Burgas Bay on the Black Sea, and the building itself can be seen from the ships in the sea and from the Bridge.
Sea Casino See the map
Sand Sculptures Festival
A tourist attraction in Burgas
Whatever our mood is, we will always have a smile on our faces when we see a happy child’s face or something which provokes us to turn back to unforgettable childhood memories. And, as if we suddenly find ourselves in a different world, where time seems to have stopped and everything is so carefree, spontaneous and joyful. Such a small world has been opening its doors each summer, for 10 years now, in the Sea Garden of the town of Burgas. It is not ordinary or imaginary – it is absolutely real despite the fact that it is totally created of sand.
Sand Sculptures Festival See the map
Burgas Archeological Museum
A museum in Burgas
The archeological exhibition in Burgas is the oldest museum in the region of Burgas and it stores the cultural and historical heritage of some of the most ancient towns on our territory – Sozopol, Nessebar, Pomorie, etc. It was founded as a private museum in 1912 by Debelt Archeological Society.
Burgas Archeological Museum See the map
Burgas History Museum
A museum in Burgas
The History Museum in the town of Burgas is located in a building from the neoclassical period. It was built in 1901 by the Greek merchant Achillea Ioannidis. It was turned into a town museum in 1981. It has three exhibition halls on three floors.  
Burgas History Museum See the map
Burgas Ethnographic Museum
A museum in Burgas
The Ethnographic Museum in Burgas is a part of the Regional History Museum – Burgas. The exhibition is in the so called Brakalov’s House, built in 1873 for the prominent public person and mayor of Burgas – Dimitar Brakalov. The museum is situated in the centre of Burgas, behind the St. St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral.
Burgas Ethnographic Museum See the map
Natural History Museum – Burgas
A museum in Burgas
Burgas Natural History Museum is one of the 4 museums within the group of the Regional History Museum in the town of Burgas. This museum is unique for the South Black Sea coast.
Natural History Museum – Burgas See the map
St. St. Cyril and Methodius
A church in Burgas
St. St. Cyril and Methodius is an orthodox church in the town of Burgas, Bulgaria. It is 33 metres high and is situated in the centre of the town, on St. St. Cyril and Methodius Square, on the place of a small wooden church which was the only exarchal temples in the town before the Liberation.
Cyril and Methodius Temple See the map
Burgas Saltworks
A tourist attraction
The pools with curative mud and lye are situated in the southern part of Atanasovo Lake and they are the biggest free outdoor ‘SPA Centre’ in the country. This place is known to all the residents of Burgas, and, in the past few years, to more and more guests of the town
Burgas Saltworks See the map
ZOO Burgas
A zoo
It is a pleasant place for rest and relax for visitors and a paradise nook for animals and birds of over 50 species, around 460 animals and birds under conditions similar to real nature, on a surface of 25 decares.
ZOO Burgas See the map
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