Driving in Burgas and the region, Bulgaria
Driving in Bulgaria is right-sided.
The crossroads with a roundabout go anticlockwise. The vehicles within the roundabout have advantage before those who are going into it. There are some possible exceptions, but they are marked with a sign.
Seatbelts are obligatory on all the roads in Bulgaria, including for passengers on the rear seats of the car. Any violations to this rule are subject to fines by the authorities of the Road Traffic Control and Traffic Police. Insurance companies may refuse to pay for an accident if the seatbelt was not used.

Speed limits

Within urban areas up to 50 km/h
Outside urban areas up to 90 km/h
On highways up to 140 km/h

Road information

Rented cars are equipped with a vignette sticker, which allows the vehicle to travel on Bulgarian roads.

Useful and important numbers
General emergency calls - 112
Road assistance - 146
Ambulance - 150
Fire brigade - 160
Traffic Police - 165
Police - 166

Mobile phones
It is not allowed to use mobile phones while driving unless using a hands-free. Violations to this rule are subject to fines.

Driving after alcohol consumption
It is forbidden to drive after drinking alcohol. Traffic Police conducts random inspections on the roads and in residential areas. There are high fines for more than 0.5‰ of alcohol concentration in the blood. Bulgarian legislation allows that your driving licence be taken for a specific period of time. If you travel in a car with a drunken driver, you are equally responsible before the Bulgarian laws.

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